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Who we are

We all are human beings. We need money to survive, for money we need education and education gives us opportunity to work in an organization to make money,

We all have a memorable childhood. We grew up in a certain room and that room is full of memories, but when we leave our house for high education, we shift to a new city and we miss our parents, mostly that room in which we grew up.

When we come to the new city, we need to stay in a house. That’s where the problem arises. We hunt for houses. Some houses are not good and some are good but really high priced. Brokers are ready to make us fool. If you try to find room on the internet, you will find that either the room is not matching with the images that were given or the house is not in a good condition.

We Qiraaya want to make house hunting hassle-free. Qiraaya is a platform where we list houses and all are verified by us. The pictures are real. It is what you see is what you get.

We list facilities of the house and you can get the glimpse of the neighborhood from your own home and we also provide facilities like cookers, room cleaner, laundry etc.

We want to make a company in which people can trust while house hunting.

About Qiraaya

Qiraaya is a home rental solution for the people who struggle to find a proper home for them. Qiraaya is attempting to provide rental solutions through technology.

We help you to find a home online and you can visit the home before you book. We also provide services for daily routines. Just give us a call.

Whatever your need is, we are ready to fulfill in home rental service.